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New Congress New Coastal Champions?

By Jake Assael President-Elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Myron Ebell, a vocal climate change denier, to lead his EPA Transition team, has just been the latest affirmation of his views on anthropogenic climate change. During his campaign he had claimed that global warming was a hoax purported by the Chinese, vowed to rescind U.S. involvement…


Disappearing Sand Threatens Coastal Resilience

By Jake Assael Coastal communities are vibrant, well-populated, economic powerhouses, but as seas continue to rise, exacerbating hurricane damage and coastal flooding, coastal areas are becoming increasingly dangerous to inhabit. Hurricane Matthew was only the latest example of the perils that coastal communities are facing. The category 3 hurricane took the lives of 19 Americans,…


Trump Won: What Does This Mean For WRDA?

By Howard Marlowe Well, to say this one was a shocker is an understatement.  The newly-elected President doesn’t take office until January 20th, and this Congress doesn’t officially expire until January 3rd.  So, for the moment, we’re looking at the same President and the same composition of Congress that has been in place for the…


Green Bonds: Funding Shoreline Protection

By Jake Assael Our coastlines are the first defense against encroaching seas and severe storm damage. Sea level rise and, in some areas, land subsidence, are increasing the vulnerability of coastal communities. Coastal restoration projects are vital in preventing the worst impacts of weak shorelines. Adding dunes, sand, wetlands, or a living shoreline can save…


Our Coastlines: What’s at Risk?

By Jake Assael On July 27, the Union of Concerned Scientists released a report titled, ‘The US Military on the Front Lines of Rising Seas,’ detailing the risks rising seas pose on our coastal military installations. It analyzed 18 military bases on the East and Gulf coasts, for their potential exposure to the increasing risks…


WRDA Not Likely to Pass Senate before Recess

By Jake Assael On July 18, the Senate begins its mid-Summer recess putting its legislative duties aside until returning on September 5. With the break looming over members the pressure to pass vital legislation continues to mount. The two-month hiatus will stall a series of bills on the Senate’s Calendar of Business, awaiting floor time…