Charley Chesnutt

Civil & Coastal Engineer

Charley has over 44 years of experience working as a Civil Engineer in Coastal Engineering. His career began working with the US Army Coastal Engineering Research Center where he conducted studies and modeling of waves in both laboratory and real-world tests. He has extensive knowledge of erosion control structures such as low-crested breakwaters, living shorelines, groins and jetties. While at Corps Headquarters, Charley worked collaboratively with the National Weather Service and FEMA on hurricane evacuation studies and provided advice and assistance to the president of the Coastal Engineering Research Board. He is responsible for organizing and directing several of the Corps' National programs such as the National Shoreline Management Study, Regional Sediment Management Program, the National Shoreline Erosion Control Demonstration Program and the PILOT data collection program in the Pacific and the SWIMS hurricane surge prediction model. Charley also served as the Program Manager for the Planning Assistance to States program and founded the SAGE program.