Dan Ginolfi

Senior Public Policy Advisor

Dan represents local governments on the East and West Coasts for their coastal project needs in Washingon D.C. from Congress and the Corps of Engineers. Dan leads innovative partnerships for local governments, businesses, and nonprofits to implement coastal resilience projects. He is an expert on the Corps of Engineers policies and programs and has led several partnerships with the Corps at Coastal Strategies. He has worked as consultant to the Corps of Engineers' Institute for Water Resources and first showcased his work through several major legislative victories at Warwick Group Consultants. He has an engineering degree from James Madison University and a master's degree in civil and coastal engineering from Old Dominion University. Dan's focus is on building meaningful partnerships that develop innovative solutions to challenges in water resources and coastal sustainability. He lives in Bethesda, MD and is a life-long surfer, adventurer, and musician.


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