Who We Are

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For more than 35 years, the experts at Warwick Group Consultants have helped businesses and governmental entities to successfully navigate the complicated world of Federal coastal infrastructure policies, regulations and projects. We connect our clients with policymakers and regulators, provide inside intelligence on water resources policy and funding trends, and develop funding, communication, and management strategies. Our focus is on applying our skills, knowledge and contacts in support of the nation’s Silent Infrastructure – America’s Ports, Navigable Waterways, Dams & Levees, Coastal Storm Protection, and Hydroelectric Power.

Warwick Group has worked directly with the Army Corps of Engineers and other Federal agencies as well as States and other key coastal stakeholders on strategic collaboration in areas such as:

  • Coastal Storm Risk Reduction
  • Regional Sediment Management
  • Disaster Mitigation
  • Beneficial Use of Sediment
  • Water Resource Development Act
  • Project Facilitation

At Warwick, we leverage our experience, expertise and contacts to meet today's water resource infrastructure needs, and the specific needs of our clients.

Water Resources Infrastructure

The next few years will see major changes for the nation’s water resources infrastructure. Old locks and dams will have to be replaced; ports must be, and in some places already are being deepened and their landside facilities expanded to accommodate growing demand; inadequate dams and levees will need repairs; and, intermodal transportation systems that connect coastal and inland ports will be developed. The current method of planning and managing these projects will have to be made more efficient through regionalization and other strategies. Additionally, inadequate amounts of Federal money will need to be supplemented by alternative funding sources and models, including private investment.

After more than 30 years of working with clients on issues related to their specific projects, Howard Marlowe established the Warwick Group to focus on the new national water resources policies and programs that are being discussed to meet the 21st Century challenges of economic competitiveness, sea level changes, water supply, and risks to environmental resources.

Our Track Record of Success

On behalf of communities and water districts large and small, the experts of Warwick Group have written legislation, such as the Shore Protection Act of 1996 and the Regional Sediment Management program that became law in 2007. Warwick Group president Howard Marlowe was asked to assist in the writing of key sections of the post-SuperStorm Sandy disaster relief legislation in 2013 and the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014.

Now, under the Warwick Group umbrella, our staff and consultants are working with the private and public sectors to look at the bigger picture. We are taking our knowledge and experience and applying it to helping our clients meet the enormous economic and environmental challenges of this first part of the 21st Century.