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Since the early days of the United States, the Corps of Engineers has been diverting rivers, building canals, levees, flood gates, and more recently, building beaches and other coastal infrastructure to protect life, safety, and property.

Founded in 1986, our firm has been an integral part of building and rebuilding coastal infrastructure, and implementing studies and other projects through the Corps of Engineers. We have learned the ins-and-outs of the Corps process and have led dozens of clients to success using the Corps.

We led the first-ever beneficial use of dreged material for beach nourishment using CAP 204, and we helped draft and sign into law the Regional Sediment Management Act. 

There are several Corps programs that we are experts in that can provide you comprehensive planning and technical assistance at little to no cost to help protect your community, restore your ecosystem, and protect it from mother nature. 

Working the Process


Major Corps projects go through a series of milestones which are briefly described below:



We've helped our clients from first step of getting recommended for authorization in what is called the Section 7001 Annual Report to Congress, to the last step of getting a construction authorization from Congress in the Water Resources Development Act.

The next challenge is getting a New Start designation to start thestudy.


Feasibility Study

Congress allows only a handful of New Start studies each budget year. It's our job to make sure your project competes well for both a New Start and funding for your study.



Next comes construction funding. Congress again only allows a handful of New Start construction projects. What good is a completed study that isn't being implemented? It's our job to get you a New Start designation and the funding for the construction of your project.

Planning and Technical Assistance

Most Corps projects that make headlines are expensive, large-scale projects for big cities and densely populated areas. However, the Corps has a set of programs that are designed to take advantage of the Corps technical and planning assistance capabilities at low-cost to the public. 

We are a trusted advisor because we get results.

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